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Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda, The land of a thousand hills. It is a small city of around 738 sq. It is fairly compact but very, very, clean and orderly. It has all kinds of restaurants, giving you some of the best dining experiences in East Africa. We have extremely recognized museums and home to the best traditional dance clubs.First, in Gisozi, Kigali, you find the Genocide Memorial whereby you are shown the incredibly sad history that this small, landlocked land of a thousand hills survived. The Genocide is explained through pictures, evidence, videos, and narration. Throughout the presentation, one can see it is not another sobering genocide story. It is a story of life, strength, and survival. A story of love, triumph, and unity even after the loss of so many lives. This is because it includes our rising from ashes like a phoenix and choosing to forgive one another so that such a terrible, terrible thing may never ever happen again.  Aside from that, you may choose to pay your respects as there are the graves where our beloved ones’ rest in peace.

There are other genocide memorials outside the city like the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, The Murambi Genocide Memorial and many more. The Nyamata Genocide memorial is what we would call dark tourism. The memorial site was once a church. A church where more than 18, 000 men, women, and children were murdered inside and out.  It is a heartbreaking, sad, absolutely and unequivocally horrible site. A fragile state of mind is advised to take care when visiting this memorial. The history of this church is that it was a safe haven for Tutsis who were at the time relocated in these regions including Nyamata. When the Genocide started, the Tutsis fled to the church, their safe haven whereby they packed into the church until it was over its capacity but they still packed themselves inside. It is a horrifying of bloodstained clothes, bones, skulls, grenade shrapnel on the walls and bent doors where the Hutus tried to enter the church in order to slaughter thousands of innocents.

The Murambi Memorial Site is another site that is as horrible as the previous one. History says the bishops lured the people to small school and told them the French soldiers would protect them from harm. This was a trap. On April, 21st they were invaded and killed. There was more the 40,000 men, women and children and they are all slaughtered. All but except a few survivors. History also remembers that they fought until their last breath. It is a horrific site but it serves as a reminder for Rwandans and a history lesson for foreigners.

Secondly, In Kacyiru, Kigali, you will find Inema Arts Center. A guiding light of craftsmanship here in Kigali. Upon realizing the lack of artistic expression in Rwanda, two brothers set out to open an Arts center that would open opportunities for artists and other individuals to explore their talent and inner thoughts and turmoil. They have succeeded. Inema Arts Center is wild, creative, dark, intense, expressive in its entirety. It is not just paintings but also the setup, the music, the traditional dance, the sculptures, contemporary African arts and crafts, and diversified media expressions. Not to mention, Thursday Happy Hour at Inema from 6pm till late including drinks, one of the town’s favorite DJ playing while you mingle in the name of good old art.
There is also other art centers and galleries such as Ivuka Arts Center, Kigali Arts Center, Niyo Art Gallery, Rwanda Art Museum, Kandt House Natural History Museum and many more.

Kigali is a city with an intelligent transport system, good traffic management, smart grids, and urban lighting. It is also a city with various restaurants to restore almost anyone’s palette. You want a burrito? We have Meze Fresh for you. You want a delicious, spicy shawarma? We have Beirut and The Shawarma House just for you. French cuisine? Indian? Chinese? Ethiopian? Nigerian? or you might want to go local place and then, we will have to take you to our nicely hidden, local restaurants (shhh) where you will eat good, cooked on coal and firewood Rwandan food.



Kigali has a sequestered Nightlife. It is a small city. People know each other. You might be surprised when your local guide or friend has greeted almost everyone in a bar, club or restaurant. This is to mean that we are friendly and welcoming because you will absolutely not be left behind. Our famous bar areas are Riders with their incredibly delicious cocktails, Bougainvilla, Cocobean, Papyrus, Sundowner, The Plug, Bel-Air and so many more. The nightlife in Kigali is enticing and currently growing to a big level so you definitely might want to check out those places.

Our newest building in Rwanda is The Convention Centre so it is a must to check it out since it is our biggest yet. This building in the form a dome shines brightly at night with glittery lights. The colors are usually in form of the Rwandan flag (Blue, Green, and Yellow). The Convention Centre is divided into four parts:

  • Radisson Blu, a five-star hotel.
  • The Conference Center (in form of a dome)
  • Kigali Information Technology Park
  • A museum of the bottom floor