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Gisenyi is a city in the Northwestern side of the country. It is at about 100 and a half miles from the capital city, Kigali. It takes more or less than 3 hour-drive without stopping but it is very hard not to stop and watch because the scenery on your way to Gisenyi is enticing. The road is cut across mountains and hills, therefore, the fresh air, the valley and in general, the scenery is breathtaking. It might take you more than three hours to get there.

As you enter Rubavu district where Gisenyi is a town, you can smell the instant change from just plain fresh air to fresh salty air. That is the Lake Kivu. It covers around 2700 sq. The lake slopes through both Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo to form a border between the two countries. Gisenyi lies on the outskirts of the Lake to make a sandy beach where children are playing with their parents behind, lovers on picnics and one or two random people out on a walk at any given time of the day.

The Lake Kivu is filled with all kinds of water sports from swimming, kayaking, motor boats, water skiing, and windsurfing. These water sports are holidaymakers for both Rwandans and most tourists. As you continue up in the mountains and past a soda factory, you reach the hot springs. These hot springs are pure bliss. The hot springs slope downward from hot to warm. The middle-aged women you will meet there offer massages for your feet and shoulders at the smallest of prices till your body is lax from the heat of the hot spring, the sun shining on your face and the sound of nature around you. At the end of the day, one can relax at the white rocks restaurant around a glass of wine and the nightclub in the basement. It is located close to the DRC border.

Our infamous twin lakes Burera and Ruhondo are also quite a sight to see. They lie at the base of a volcano called Muhabura on the outskirts of Musanze. They resulted from Muhabura volcanic eruption, now dormant. The view is simply serene, calm and beautiful. It is a truly relaxing place. Bird watchers, fish men, and children are found on the shores enjoying the scenery. These twin lakes are separated by a mile or two strips of land resulted in the aftermath of the volcanic eruption

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